Potability Testing

Accreditation: UKAS accredited for potable & process waters.

Sample volume: 1 x 500mls sample bottle.

Turnaround time: 3 days (the TVC test at 22oC requires a three day incubation period).

Expression of results: cfu/100mls


This is a term commonly used when sample testing is required to show that a water supply is wholesome i.e. microbiologically safe to drink. These samples are tested for total coliforms, E.coli and total viable counts (TVC) at 37oC and 22oC to indicate the overall quality and wholesomeness of the water. Members of staff are always on hand to discuss any results, particularly relating to TVC results, the interpretation of which can sometimes be unclear.

Results will typically reported by emailed PDF reports but we can send results in your preferred format. We will also notify you immediately if any positive results are detected and identified so you don’t have to wait for the completion of the full potability suite.