Technical Support and Training

We pride ourselves on the technical experience and competence of our staff who have many years’ experience in water science and analysis. Members of our team have been involved in the writing of the latest revision of Legionella Approved Code of Practice (L8), BG50/2021 – the BSRIA guide, and who have been on the council of the Water Management Society. Our staff are always available and happy to provide technical help and support where at all possible and if we are unable to help we will put you in contact with other leading authorities who will.

We are registered with the Legionella Control Association (LCA) for training and have used our experience to devise a series of training programmes ranging from sample collection and transportation, Legionella awareness and microbial ecology of water systems. These courses can be tailored to the expected awareness level of the audience, or we are happy to devise specific courses to meet your needs.